Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone


Time Between Us, by Tamara Ireland Stone, is particularly marvelous to read because MY SCHOOL’S copy was wearing the “donated by becauseireadso” tag.  (I would like to tell you that when I found it in the school library I was cucumber cool, but me being me, I started jumping up and down in hysterics and checked it out immediatly!!)

I had been meaning to read Time Between Us for some time, ever since the fabulous narrator, Amy Rubinate, mentioned it during our interview, and it is so very long past time that I DID.  Fabulous-fabulous!

Anna lives in 1995 Chicago, is a dedicated track and field/cross country runner and is considered the good girl of the school.

One day as Anna is running she spots a fellow who she thinks is a college student, he’s looking at her in a slightly stalkerish way, and when she goes over to investigate he vanishes… leaving no trace in the snow.  The next day at school, Anna sees him again in her spanish class but he shows no sign of ever having seen her.

Bennett lives in 2012 and has the peculiar power of being able to travel in space and time to any place as long as it is within his lifetime.  One day his older sister wants to go see a concert that happened about a year before Bennett was born.  When they arrive, Bennett is only able to stay for a few minutes before he vanishes, leaving his sister in 1994!

When Bennett returns to 2012, his parents order him to go into 1995 and wait there at his grandmother’s house until his sister shows up.  While Bennett is there he enrolls in the same high school that Anna is going to.

And THAT is the mysterious boy Anna sees as she is running!  He sparks Anna’s interest and she begins on the path to befriending Bennet…. only maybe she wants a little more than to be “just friends”….

But how long can Bennett stay in Anna’s time before the winds of time return him to 2012?  And what about his lost sister?

I REALLY loved this book.  Its romantic and mysterious plot sparks interest from the start and I just loved how both characters face both an internal emotional struggle and the external fight against time.  A keeper shelf for sure.   The second book, Time After Time was just recently released, and once I get my hot little paws on a copy, I MAY, happy readers, I MAY just try to reach out to that most amazing Tamara Ireland Stone and see if she might allow an interview!

Stay tuned!

Regardless, Can. Not. Wait. to see what happens for our couple…

Izzy :Z



Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

Because they said so (what your parents would say)  Some smooching and minorly sexy scenes… no ACTUAL sex at all, but a few mentions.  Some great history about events that happened as well as cultural references and music.