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A little quirky… okay… alright…


A lot quirky.

Here’s what happened…

Earlier this year I read an article in the paper about the funding of my school library being cut… of ALL of the school libraries in my district. The Daily Record reported that for my district, “library spending was… cut by $50,000, leaving $16,000 for the purchase of needed materials.”

That’s $16,000 to be divided between 6 different schools! LESS than three thousand dollars per school! That is hardly enough to buy periodicals and reference materials leaving nothing, nada, zilch for fiction or nonfiction titles, instructional books or audiobooks!

My library is my place of refuge and solace. In a good book, I can visit faraway lands, worlds beyond this one, or go just down the street. And in these times of economic challenge, I think we need, more than ever, access to reading materials.

So, I started this blog. Sure, I get to read all I want and say it’s for my blog reviews, and okay, I get to chat with other book-a-holics, and EVERYBODY knows, the second best thing to reading a good book is RECOMMENDING a good book to someone else… but also, I plan to run fund drives and book drives to try and supply my library with the materials it needs to educate and entertain, and to make better the lives of every student that passes through its doors. I’ve already started! I donated copies of books I gathered at Book Expo America! You can help too!

You can help by donating a current and new book, or by donating fundage on my donation page, or even just by visiting my blog, finding a great book you may not have read, or chatting about one you have and love and spreading the word.

TODAY, Spring Grove…….. TOMORROW, THE WORLD!!!!

Thank you and READ ON!
Izzy :Z