Over the summer I found myself a new favorite hobby…. Surfing!

IMG_1128 IMG_1120

The first time I surfed I was late in 2012 at Macao Surf Club in the Dominican Republic, that’s when I fell in love.  The folks at Macao got me hooked onto my first wave, and the rest is history.   Just the pure adrenaline of riding a wave is as addictive as any drug.

riptide IMG_6723

All year, I saved up for my surf board.  Finally I bought my board, an 8ft Greco softboard  it is buoyant enough for a beginner, but is really easy to maneuver in the water and by the end of September I was catching bigger waves and wanting to stay in the water until my toes and fingers shriveled up.  And then, after a full summer of surfing I found this book in my BEA pile, and thought to myself, ” Self… this is a book you should blog about”.

So, as I sit here in wooly socks, dreaming of sun and surf, I bring you Riptide, by Lindsey Scheibe.

Grace Parker, is a surfer girl with a tumultuous home life.  Her dad is bipolar and has dreams of an Ivy League school for Grace.  The only problem is… Grace doesn’t want to go to an ivy league school.  Grace wants to go to UCSD on a surfing scholarship.  Her father vacillates between being the best dad ever and physically hitting Grace when she expresses desires that oppose his.

Grace pushes on, with only one summer to train for the competition that would get her scouted for scholarships, her best friend Ford works to make her the best she can be.

Ford has had a major crush on Grace since he moved into town in sophomore year.  Grace has a similar crush on him, but in order to keep their friendship stable she has “friend zoned” Ford so far that he’s in outer space.  Recently, though, she’s been feeling differently; contemplating a future without Ford terrifies her.

Will Grace make it into USCD unscathed, or will her budding romance with Ford, her abusive dad, and the pure stress of all of it get to her.  Find out in Riptide, by Lindsey Scheibe.

eyes-and-book-icon-resizeIzzy :Z

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

Because they said so (what your parents would say:) A little bit of romance stuff, nothing major, some drug references and some mature and intense topics.  I recommend it for ages 13+.

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