Venom by Fiona Paul


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I found “Venom” in a little bookstore on Topsail Island in North Carolina. Half moon (the name of the bookstore) is an eclectic little shop, complete with a coffee shop and a cranky tabby cat, albeit a bit moody but who loves tummy rubs. I found myself in Topsail for one of my last beach trips of the year and was in the wa ves surfing for most of the time (a hobby I have recently picked up). When I wasn’t surfing or listenening to Arctic Monkeys (one of my favorite bands) I was reading “Venom”, and was quite delighted by what I found.Arctic monkeys album cover10624435_324235011078662_1412839262_n

Cass is your typical Elite from 1800 era, Venice, except, sort of,  the complete opposite. While her friends enjoy sewing and other ladylike tasks, Cass enjoys writing and has a streak of curiosity that tends to get her in trouble.

One of Cass’s best friends, Liviana, has died. Liviana, you see, was sick for quite some time before her passing.
The night after Liviana’s funeral Cass is awakened by the sound of a crypt door being opened (it sounds a lot like something heavy being dragged across rock.)

Cass, always the adventurer, puts on her big girl cloak and musters up her courage, then heads outside to investigate the noise.

As she is walking out toward where she heard the sounds, she sees a cloaked figure running out of the graveyard.  She dismisses it as a figment of her very vivid imagination, however when she gets to Liviana’s family tomb…

the door…

is open!


it is definitely not Liviana in the coffin!

As Cass is running out of the crypt, she bumps into a HOODED FIGURE OUTSIDE THE GRAVEYARD!! The hood falls back and she sees a handsome man, with dark hair and eyes as blue as the Adrianic sea.

Who is this mystery man? Where is Liviana’s body? Who is in Liviana’s coffin?

And the answers to all of these questions is…

I’m not going to tell you… 🙂 (I’m just THAT MEAN).

You’ll have to read “Venom, the first book in the Eternal Rose series, by Fiona Paul to find out.



Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say..

Because they said so (what your parents would say:) Definitely not for the weak of heart.  If Stephen King and Meg Cabot books had a love child it would definitely be this AMAZING BOOK! Still though, due to graphic nature and advanced vocabulary, I would say for ages 13 and above.




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