The Game by Terry Schott


Well hello there faithful followers! Long time no see!! Sorry about my disappearing act and man is there news!

Book Expo America is in 44 days!! (SQUEEE!)

AND… Kiera Kass’s third novel, The One, is coming out in 22 DAYS!!! (IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! OMG!!! I CAN’T EVEN HOLD MYSELF STILL!!!!!)

And now, on to the review!!

During the first pages of The Game, by terry Schott, Zach, the hero of the story, is dying. He describes dying and then suddenly wakes up, and is in the body of a 17 year old.  The explanation, Zach lives in a world called Tygon, where at a young age children are put into  “the Game”.  The Game is a real life simulation that takes place on the actual Earth.  Whenever you go into the Game as you live your life you acquire credits, which once you turn 18 can be turned into cash.  The only thing you can buy with credits until you are 18 are more plays in the Game, power-ups, and other such things in which to help you in life.

Zach is one of the lucky players, he started as an orphan, a nobody, when all of the sudden he rockets to the fast track on a Game play that puts him in one of the top positions.  Due to this he is picked up by a patron, and not just any patron, he is picked up by Brandon Strayne, the maker of the Game.

Zach, however, is 17 and is turning 18 in a few weeks, and he has two choices, he could play it safe and retire in a really good position, or he could risk it all and retire in the number one spot, a feat that has only happened 11 other times in the 30 years of the Game.  Will Zach make the cut, what will the 30th anniversary of the game hold, and is it possible that the mainframe, the computer that controls it all, is becoming self aware?  You’ll have to read The Game by Terry Schott to find out!

I really LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! It’s like the movie Inception coupled with the Hunger Games series, add to that a sweet romance ala the Notebook… It’s like a SMORE!!! with all that warm marshmallow chocolate gooeyness surrounded by a crunchy graham cracker crust.  Can you tell I’m hungry…


Izzy :Z


Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…


Because they said so (what your parents might say): Nothing much, just a little bit of blood, some not too graphic deaths, and a light and innocent romantic lean… an exciting adventure of a book overall.

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  1. Hi! My name’s Sam and I’m a kid blogger too! I also just started following your blog (yippee!).
    You’re going to BEA? I’m jealous.

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