The Fallen

You may have noticed I was missing for a little bit, and boy was I busy.  I went to a third world country (Haiti) and on the way, somehow managed to con my dad into getting the first book in The Fallen Series for me at a little book café during our layover in Miami international airport.  I quickly finished it off, 1/4 during the layover, 1/4 during the flight, and the rest during my free time in Haiti.

Aaron is a foster child.  He has been shuffled from foster home to foster home, growing more and more bitter all the time when he is finally put in Lori’s house.  Lori is the mother of an severely autistic child named Stevie and has a husband named Tom and the trio quickly burrows into Aaron’s heart as he finally knocks down all the walls and has a normal life.  Aaron, soon there after rescues Gabriel, a golden lab puppy and adopts him as his own.

On Aaron’s 18th birthday he begins to hear noises and voices coming from strange places.  He is able to speak any and all languages.  He starts having horrible nightmares about evil angels killing people, and to top it all off he has a killer headache from dusk to dawn.  After visiting his friend and therapist he is convinced that he is going CRAZY.  His therapist, however, thinks otherwise.

One day as he is walking in the park, a homeless man comes up to Aaron’s truck, sniffs him then whispers “Nephlium, you are Nephlium,” in a strange ancient dialect that he then calls the “tongue of the messengers”.

Upon research, Aaron finds out that Nephlium are the spawn of Angels and human women, however the women never survive birthing the Angel’s child.

Aaron, now severely weirded out, goes back to the park’s common area and sees the sniffing man again and quickly approaches him to ask him why he called him Nephlium, and to see if maybe the guy knows more about his headaches.

The man quickly befriends Gabriel, Aarons golden lab, and begins throwing Gabriel’s ball.  Soon the man and Aaron sit down on a park bench and begin talking.  The homeless man, named Zeke, quickly explains that he is a fallen angel, an angel that disobeyed God and gave too much information to humans.  He and the other fallen taught human kind everything they know now and the fallen began to live among humans.  When God found out about this he was very angry and caused all of these angels to fall from his grace and cut off their wings, dooming them to be human for the rest of their immortal lives.  Zeke explains that there are two groups of fallen angels.  The Powers, who do everything in their power to eradicate all Nephlium and fallen angels who help them, and the angels who decide to help the Nephlium, to warn them and to teach them of their full potential.  He speaks of a great prophecy that says that one day a very powerful Nephlium will come to his or her powers and will have the power to redeem the fallen angels in God’s eyes, restoring them to Heaven.

Aaron, however, does not believe him and so Zeke throws Gabriel’s ball into the middle of a crowded street and watches as Gabriel is hit by an oncoming car.

Aaron rushes over to his dog and cradles him in his arms, unsure of what to do next.  Zeke says that Aaron has the power to heal Gabriel.  Aaron, very upset, begins to fight with Zeke and Zeke pushes Aaron down and says that Aaron has to CLOSE HIS EYES!  Aaron has to feel the power inside of himself and he has to let if flow down his finger tips and into Gabriel.  After a few tries Aaron successfully revives Gabriel, then rushes for his truck and drives home, not speaking to Zeke again.

When he gets home his mom, Lori is very worried and sad and breaks the news that his therapist and friend died in a fire that came out of nowhere.  Aaron comes to the conclusion, the Powers are here for him.

This book was a work of art.  It isa suspenseful thriller that keeps you on your toes.  I wouldn’t call this a favorite for the sole reason that some main characters are killed off and the gory details were a little much for me at times, definitely worth a read though.

eyes-and-book-icon-resizeIzzy :z



Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

Because they said so (what your parents would say:) Probably not for children; definitely PG 13 maybe older.  Also there is a lot of debate of spiritual matters, so if that is something that doesn’t flat your boat; this may not be the book for you.

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