The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I got The City of Bones as a gift from my mom for Christmas.  It is a very rare thing for me to get a book for Christmas due to the vast number of books I have already read it is difficult to find one I haven’t already hoarded so usually, I just get Borders gift cards.

Actually, I had been waiting to read this book for some time.  I put a hold on it at my school library, and had been on hold for nearly 2-3 truly unbearable weeks when Christmas vacation came around .  The quick and dirty verdict?   This book was SO worth the wait.

Clary Fray is your normal sixteen year old, fatherless girl.  She and her mother live in an apartment in New York, not far from Clary’s best friend Simon.  Clary, without her mother’s consent, goes to an all ages club called Pandemonium.  Simon, being a good friend, follows along to keep her out of trouble. While in line to get into Pandemonium, Clary sees a very handsome boy being shook down by one of the bouncers due to a “fake” knife that he has.  After proving that the knife is really truly “FAKE” he is let in the club.

When Clary is in the club dancing with her friend Simon she sees this mystery boy again.  He’s hard not to notice with his shock of electric blue hair.  He is being led into a closet by a beautiful girl in a glamorous old fashioned white dress.   After they disappear into the closet, 2 people disappear into the closet after them.  Sensing that something is wrong, Clary goes over to investigate.  When she opens the closet door she witnesses the 2 boys and one girl fighting to restrain this boy with blue hair.  They threaten to kill him if he doesn’t tell them why he was in the club. The boy only says one sentence.  He says, “Valentine is back”.

Clary, trying to stop the murder, yells out to distract the 2 boys.  While they are distracted the mystery blue haired boy slips loose and tries to attack the girl in the gown.  One of the attacking boys yells out and throws a knife at the boy with blue hair.  The boy with the blue hair bleeds black before disappearing into ash.  (TELL me that doesn’t intrigue you?  If only because of the FIVE person closet and the Crayola colors!?!)

I thought that this book, and now, as I am HOOKED with a CAPITAL H, indeed, this whole entire series is MARVELOUS.  Definitely a keeper shelf.  I really loved how much action and suspense all of the books held and how I never guessed at the plot turns and knots.  Warning, if you do get into the series, the second book has a plot twist I wasn’t too fond of.  This first book, however, holds… PURE GENIUS and totally worth the hype.

Izzy :z



Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

Because they said so (what your parents would say): They folks could find this one disturbing… but we are made of stronger stuff, I think.  Blood, guts, kissing, and violent graphic bloody scenes.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to the young or weak hearted.  It didn’t give me nightmares, unless you count a vampire nightmare that, okay, COULD be related, but it only kept me from sleeping for a FEW days, and okay, I might have hidden under the couch at one point too…  A small price to pay for book brilliance.

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