Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

My mom is an audiobook narrator (she may have one of the coolest jobs EVER… she reads out loud for a living!) I came across  Hex Hall, because my mom was hired to read the book, asked for my opinion on her read, based on the first chapter, and that was all it took!   I was hooked immediately,  took our shared iPad, and desperate to find out the end, read ahead of even my mom!

Sophie Mercer is a witch and I don’t mean that she has a bad temper.  She is an actual, spell casting, magic making, powers and everything, witch.  On the night of prom at Sophie’s school she goes into the girl’s bathroom and sees the school’s “geeky girl”, Felisha, crying.  Sophie learns that the reason Felisha is so sad is that she doesn’t have a date to the dance.

Sophie, dismayed that anyone would be so distressed at the prom, takes Felisha out into the parking lot and does a love spell on the guy of Felisha’s dreams. Sadly, Sophie overdoes it a little bit and instead of a gentle sweetheart, Felisha soon has a tuxedoed rampaging goony football player howling for her and trying to get to “his Fa-leeeeesha” at all costs. (He even drives a car through a wall and shoves teachers and tables aside to get to his “love”.)

Felisha then proceeds to tell the entire student/teacher body about how Sophie is responsible for poor, bewitched Kevin (feleeshas crush) and as this is not the FIRST time Sophie has dispayed her powers inappropriately (though always with good intention) in public, she is sent to a reform school, Hecate Hall, for young Prodigium (magic folk like shape shifters, fairies, and yes, witches).

On her first day,  Sophie manages to find a crush, a nemisis, a best friend (who happens to be the school’s only vampire), and a teacher who seems to hate Sophie without reason.

But everything isn’t as it seems at Hex Hall, and soon, students are attacked by an unknown creature.  The attacks are specific, all of the blood is drained from the victim from two neat holes in the neck, leaving them nearly or actually dead.  Jenna, Sophie’s roommate, and vampire best friend, is the obvious suspect, but Sophie knows it isn’t her.   Will she be able to steal her crush away from her nemesis, survive detention in the bowels of the school, and clear her best friend’s name by school end?

I loved this book!!!  The first of a trilogy, it was cleverly written with an amazingly snarky heroine and suspenseful plots woven throughout.  (The audiobook, though I MAY BE A LITTLE PARTIAL, is one of my favorites.).  I would put this, and the rest of the trilogy, on the keeper shelf, definitely!

Izzy :Z

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

Because THEY said so… or what your parents might say:  There are some minor swear scenes and some teenage humor, nothing I haven’t heard in the halls and on the bus.  There is some suspenseful violence that younger readers might find disturbing, and one pretty spicy scene that may have some parents grimacing… but it absolutely has major purpose and placement in the plot.  It is NECESSARY spice.  Other than that, just fabulous sarcasm and a whole book full of quirky characters you can really get behind.

3 thoughts on “Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

  1. I often feel like the “teenage witch with teenage drama” plot has been overdone in books, TV, and movies, but it sounds like this book offers a more unique twist. I’ll add it to my shelf!

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