Magic Marks the Spot

untitledImagine that you lived in a world in which magical artifacts existed.  Now, imagine that said artifacts suddenly went missing and were being held by nasty folks with bad intentions.  What if you OWNED one of those artifacts and it was stolen right out from under your NOSE!?!  You’d be devastated, right?  To find it gone? I know I would be… I might even do anything to get it back.

The main character in Caroline Carlson’s The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates: Magic Marks the Spot, is Hilary Westfield, a swash buckling, grog swilling, dueling girl pirate who wants nothing more than to enter into the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates (referred to, for the purposes of this review as VNHLP) but finds herself denied because she is a GIRL!!!  Also, I guess it couldn’t have helped that her father is Admiral Westfield, the most anti-pirate admiral around.

Admiral Westfield is very determined to pack his unruly young daughter off to Miss Pimm’s finishing school for delicate ladies, in an attempt to have her be the sort of hoop skirted, gossiping, high society girl that the majority of young misses would delight in becoming.  Hilary, however, will have none of it and repeatedly tries to escape.

One day, when masked robbers levitate a very old treasure map out of Admiral Westfield private study, Hilary sees her chance to get out of Miss Pimm’s and to show the VNHLP that she is perfect pirate material.  It’s possible, however, that on the way she might poke her nose in a few things too big for her to handle alone.  Good thing she has a few trusty sidekicks (doesn’t every girl pirate have trusty sidekicks?).

I really loved this book; its witty dialog and spot on characterization had me cackling in the middle of class (which happened to give away my feeble attempt to conceal my avid book reading during Algebra 1… GAH!!  FOILED!)  This one’s a keeper shelf for sure with a publishing date of 9/13.  A perfect uplifting book full of underdogs and valiant quests.  (Also, it had the added affect of changing my future career choice from President to heroic swashbuckler… ARRRRR…)

Izzy :Z



Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

.Because they said so (what your parents would say:) nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero… unless they find your running around the house wearing an eye patch, yelling ARRRRRR and brandishing a pretend cutlass disturbing.

One thought on “Magic Marks the Spot

  1. This post had me laughing out loud. I love the witty little comments you weave into your summaries! My personal favorite is the image of kids running around yelling ARRRRR with an eye patch. Hilarious! I love books with strong female protagonists. Adding this one to my list…

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