The Carpet People

The Carpet People by Terry Pratchett

The Carpet People by Terry Pratchett

Have you ever imagined what might be inhabiting your Carpet?  I read that it MAY be the 1.5 million flakes of skin that we shed over the course of an hour.  However, in this book, The Carpet People by Terry Pratchet (age 19) and Terry Pratchet (age current), there is something quite unusual in his carpet.

In Terry Pratchet’s Carpet, there lives a hidden society of small dwellers that cannot be seen by anybody; they live in the kingdom of Dumii, which covers over 1/3 of the Carpet.  Every year these little carpet people are summoned from far and wide across the Carpet to Tregon Marcus, a town in the Carpet, for the Counting.  The Counting is a census of sorts.  The Emperor of the land of Dumii calls  together all of the tribes of the Carpet to be Counted.

“Now what is counted?” you may ask.

The Emperor would answer,”The number of people, the number of animals and furs one person has, and so forth.”

But one year, no one is called to Tregon Marcus to be Counted.  Not one little dweller is summoned.

Enter the Munrung tribe.

The Munrung tribe is a nomad tribe that wanders in and out of the land of Dumii.  Now, the people of the Munrung tribe do not care a wit for the politics of the Dumii emperor but always comply with the messenger that is sent to call them to Tregon Marcus.  They aren’t really that miffed when no messenger is sent…  that is until Fray strikes.

Fray, is our feet, stomping on the people of the Carpet and smashing their villages and communities (poor form, us).  Fray isn’t really the worst part though; what is worse is what comes after Fray.

The Mouls are what come after, riding on vicious Snargs (which MAY be carpet beetles).  But when Fray strikes the Munrung tribe, the Munrung tribe strikes back, setting off a chain of events that takes the reader on a wild adventure through the kingdom of the Deftmenes, a dinner with foreseeing Whights, and an epic battle to save the land of Dumii.

I REALLY loved this book, its snarky humor and mystery pulls the reader in and envelops them into a truly wonderful world; a world that exists right under our noses.  An interesting side note:  this book was written twice, once in Terry Pratchet’s youth, and then again in his 40’s when it was re-released after his current successes.  There are excerpts from the original book in this current version, that I snatched at Book Expo, and though I’m sure the original was lovely and fine, the book now, just as it is, in MY eyes is NEAR PERFECT!!!!!  I laughed, I’ve quoted, I’ve read it multiple times!  It’s a KEEPER for SURE!
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Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…


Because They Said So (what your parents would say):   NOTHING (though, if they are reading it, they might laugh).   There is not a reference to anything, unless maybe they object to reading about clubbing people on the head.  I would recommend it to those readers ages 8 and up, due to some humor that needs age to understand.




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2 thoughts on “The Carpet People

  1. Did you happen to read what inspired Pratchett to write this book? It’s such a unique concept! Also- does the book mention anything about vacuum cleaners? I feel like that would be much more devastating than our feet!

    • hmmm… I don’t remember anything that might have been a vacuum, but for SURE that would be a DISASTER! I do know that
      Pratchett wrote the first version of the novel when he was young, and then as his popularity grew (he is the second highest UK author, next to JK Rowling) he was asked to re-release it and added his grown up writer’s voice to the story. Thanks for commenting!

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