The Name Of This Book Is Secret

Well… this was one REALLY fun read!  I really love how the narrator interacts with the reader throughout the book.

Another aspect of this book, and in all the books in the series, is the fun-ky (a mix of funny and funky) humor, that I have come to love!

This book was amazing, and the plot is an absolute work of art.

Cassandra, the main character, has a phobia.  Really, she isn’t afraid of the actual catastrophes. She is just afraid of not being prepared for one…

To conquer that fear she is ever so prepared, and has loaded her backpack with numerous supplies to live through any disaster.

A little odd, maybe…  but when a mysterious box called the Symphony of Smells shows up at her Grandfather’s store, her backpack may come in handy and the crazy roller coaster of a book begins..

The name of this book is secret cover!

It seems that the Symphony of Smells came from a box found at a deceased magician’s house…. However nobody seems knows how he died. All they knew was that after his death there was a slight smell of rotten eggs (GROSS)…. and the box showed up at Cassandra’s grandfather’s antique shop.

This book had me CACKLING on the floor laughing!!!  Definitely one of my favorite books, and series of all time.  This earns a place on the keeper shelf!  There is a great deal of fun-ky humor and nail biting suspense in these books.  I hope that you guys enjoy this book as much as I did!

Izzy :Z




Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

Because they said so (what your parents would say)  :  Really aside from a mention of sucking somebodies brains out through their nose and a not at all graphic kidnapping, there is NOTHING to be worried about at all…  Well, of course there is a secret cult in this book about people who want to find the secret to living forever and they are kind of creepy, but not nightmare inducing in the least.

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