Marie Antoinette Serial Killer

by Katie Alender.

So, the title aside, this book really wasn’t all that bloody.  If you want the long summery it was a fast paced mystery/ murder/ romance/ YA drama novel.  The short summery…. one word…….  AWESOME!!!!!!!

The author Katie Alender creates a wonderful hook when she starts the book off with a (none too graphic) murder.

Enter, Collette…  a girl with quite a few secrets.  She keeps secrets from her two uber popular, status-crazed friends, (like how she isn’t rich like them).  She also keeps secrets from her mom, like how her dad offered for her to come and live in his penthouse in New York.

She also has an annoying little brother who loves to play pranks on her.  Today he has decided to hide her suitcase, packed full of everything that she needs for her trip, the day before she leaves!!!  The issue for Collette, a girl afraid of the dark and enclosed spaces, is that her brother has decided to put her suitcase in their… basement…. the dank…. dark… small… basement.  But today, Collette is determined to face her fears.  As Collette braves their basement, pulling her stuffed suitcase out of its clutches, she sees a box on top of her suitcase with the name of her father’s grandmother, her grandmother, and her father.  Curiosity takes place of fear as she hurries out with the box and her suitcase, and goes up to her room to root through the contents of the mystery box.

Inside she finds mementos like flyers from nightclubs, cocktail napkins from restaurants, and ticket stubs from Broadway plays….. nothing particularly   interesting.  But just as she is about to put the box down she sees a flat jewelry case.  Inside the luxurious case she finds a GORGEOUS silver medallion, circular with the shape of a flower with 6 spiky petals and a key in the middle.

She knows her father’s side of the family came from France, is it possible that her family has a secret history?  Could she be….. descended from royalty?!?!?!?!

Using wonderful fully developed characters, and eventful plot twists and knots, Alender spins a wild, fastpaced, got you by the seat of your pants, can’t put it down murder mystery, complete with accurate historical basis, and some lesser known facts.  I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did!!!! Keeper shelf for sure!!



Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

Because they said so (what your parents would say).  As the title suggests, this story does have several murders, though not put in horrible detail I would just suggest reader discretion.  Some smoochy stuff and cursing, but nothing we school kids haven’t heard on the bus.

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