The Song of the Quarkbeast or what I read at soccer camp last week…

The Song of the Quarkbeast (Chronicles of Kazam book #2)
by Jasper Fforde
published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Song of the Quarkbeast: The Chronicles of Kazam Book Two

The Song of the Quarkbeast: The Chronicles of Kazam Book Two

Last week I was at soccer camp.  It was pretty intense, but I still found time to sneak in a few books.

On my way out the door, I grabbed two books off of the top of my BEA pyramid, the first, Jasper Fforde’s The Song of the Quarkbeast.

SONG is the second in the Kazam series, and I have to be honest… the first two chapters were pretty slow going for me.

It is COMPLETELY possible that I was just so EXHAUSTED from all of the running and dribbling and shooting and heading and running and um… RUNNING that ANYTHING would have been slow going, but it’s only fair to say that it was.  If I had been at home and had access to my marvelous BEA pyramid, I might have put SONG aside for another in the stack.  THANK GOSH I wasn’t at HOME and THANK GOSH I DIDN’T put it aside because I would have been so totally WRONG!

By the end of the third chapter, I was roped into this magical saga. Really great snarky funny humor and mystery runs all over the pages!  Mr. Fforde does seem to go a little too far, maybe, into detail with the poking fun and silliness, but on the whole, I am SO GLAD I didn’t put it down because I would have missed some clever writing.

The book takes place in and alternate modern universe where all electronics are run on magic and due to the sudden loss in magic all electronic devices have tuned into useless pieces of equipment. Currently there are 2 magic companies, iMagic, and Kazam. Kazam’s assistant manager is named Jennifer Strange, she is a foundling, or an orphan, and the most organized person at Kazam, as well as the most sarcastic (the manager is currently floating around in the universe appearing randomly).  She is basically the agent and the scheduler of the magical deeds that need to be preformed.

One day she gets a call from a client asking her to find a ring for this client’s client. They want the nice people at Kazam to help and find a ring that has been lost for some time. Kazam, thinking that something is fishy, ups the cost to 5,000 Moolah coins for the job (FYI “moolah coins” are the form of currency in this book).

After some minor hiccups and an unfortunate incident where the assistant assistant manager, Tiger, almost gets stuck down a well and squeezed into jelly, they begin to unravel the mystery of the ring and to discover that just MAYBE someone or someTHING doesn’t WANT them to succeed.

Though I don’t know that this book would be one for the keeper shelf,  it would be a fun book club read, or a summer adventure read.   It was really very good and I would recommend it for ages 12 and up.  The book did peak my interest and tickle my sarcastic funny bone enough that I will TOTALLY hunt down the first in the series and wait with twitchy fingers for the next (predicted to be out in early 2014).



Because THEY said so or what your parents might say...

Because THEY said so or what your parents might say…

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