June is Audiobook Month or EXCITING STUFF COMING SOON!

Big News…
June is Audiobook Month!
You can imagine how excited I am about that.
BIG and HUGE excitement.

To celebrate, I will be posting my very first interview ever, EVER and it is with Amy Rubinate!
Amy Rubinate

Amy is the narrator for Kiera Cass’s book series The Selection and I’ll be reviewing the 2nd book/audiobook in the series, The Elite!
The Elite
I know! Right?!?! SO EXCITING!

And, and, AND… in celebration of THAT… my very first interview ever, EVER, I am ALSO going to host a GIVEAWAY! I KNOW!!!! SK-WEEEEE!

Until then, though, you just MUST check out www.audiobooksync.com.
sync header
Brought to you by the awesomest people at Audiofile magazine, SYNC offers TWO FREE YA audiobook downloads each WEEK, one current release and one classic title!!!

Last week was The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place (Harper Audio), by MaryRose Wood and narrated by Katherine Kellgren and Jayne Eyre (Tantor Audio) by Charlotte Bronte, and narrated by Wanda McCaddon. I listened to The Incorrigible Children all on ONE CAR RIDE with my mom and we laughed and gasped and laughed! It is quite snarky and smart and I even learned some Latin and classic poetry. My favorite character may have been CassioWOOF! Seriously… though you can’t get it free anymore, it is TOTALLY worth purchasing!

THIS week’s downloads are

The Raven Boys (Scholastic Audiobooks) by Maggie Stiefvater and narrated by Will Patton


Bless Me, Ultima (Recorded Books) by Rudolfo Anaya and narrated by Robert Ramirez

SO, while you are waiting, maybe not so patiently (I am SO not patient at all – EVER) have a listen to something awesome over on SYNC… tell them it’s BECAUSE YOU READ SO!!! And stay tuned! Amy will be here before you know it!

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