The newest book that I have read these last couple of days is Scorched, by Mari Mancusi.  I actually was able to meet the author at Book Expo America where we chatted briefly.

Just from the cover and from the line to collect a galley copy at BEA, I knew I was in for a treat with Scorched, by Mari Mancussi.

Check out this COVER ART! SK-WEEEEEE!


Scorched takes place in modern day time around a spunky 16 years old gal named Trinity. Trinity lives with her grandfather, a typical nice grandpa who also happens to own a failing museum. Trinity’s grandfather, despite the museum having foreclosure eminent, buys a “dragon’s egg” and brings it to the museum to show Trinity. He purchases it using money from the sale of Trinity’s late mother’s wedding ring and Trinity upset about his choice, proceeds to grill her grandfather about how they can’t really afford to buy a fake dragons egg.

Her grandfather, in an attempt to appease Trinity, goes to pick up Chinese food and as Trinity prepares to head home for the day she hears a voice say “Don’t go Trinity, don’t leave me here.” Perhaps the egg was not fake after all.

Enter Connor and Caleb, twin brothers, come to town from a future that is run by dragons. It is a dangerous world in which they live a world in which you cannot venture out without being roasted by one of the flying beasties.

Conner the die-hard dragon hunter, who is also very no nonsense, is out to avenge their father’s death by dragon. Caleb, however, is a Draken, a dragon loving animal rights/dragons rights activist, who is very nonchalant, and care free… everything his brother hates.

It seems like a typical YA love triangle, but it is really so much more. On a deeper level, it seems to me, that Ms. Mancusi has created a new world where our heroine battles between the forces of good and evil.

But which brother is good and which evil? Don’t let this brief description decide who is your favorite, read the book “Scorched” first… out September of 2013!

A fast paced sci-fi fantasy read that is definitely on the “keeper” shelf.

Because THEY Said So: What your parents might say…
Minor smooching and sexy content, some language, fairly graphic violence but nothing nightmare inducing.

Izzy :Z

5 thoughts on “Scorched

  1. I read scorched this weekend, and it was so good! I can’t wait for more of Trinity’s story! Sourcebooks always seems to have great YA at BEA. The book was well written and thought out but then there’s the amusement of Connor vs. Caleb both fighting for the future and Trinity seems to be the Mecca of it all.

    • I can’t wait as well!!!! It is soooo a book for the keeper shelf!!!! the book totally kept me on my toes! I didn’t even see the ending coming!! I can’t believe that the book isn’t even out yet and now the unbearable wait that us Scorched fans have until the sequel!!!! What team are you on? Conner or Caleb? Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • I know right!!! I can’t wait until the next one comes out but that probably won’t be until 2014 😦 Totally team Connor He seems like the better one for Trin, but Caleb is more of a brother for her.

      • Drama and the whole Dracken belief system that he has full confidence in, kind of ruin Caleb so even though Connor was sent to kill, he changes more and becomes the better choice.

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