Post: the FIRST

“She has read so many books it has turned her mind.”

Louisa May Alcott

This quote might just describe me; that’s why it’s on the top of my blog.

 I am a voracious reader.  Left without a new book I will find anything… anything to read.   It might be a novel I’ve already read; it might even be a novel I’ve already read like… 6 times.  It could be a cereal box or the directions to put together some weird piece of furniture.

But here’s the thing…

This Easter I received 12 rolls of multi colored duct tape to make fun and colorful crafts like this:


(Though my destructo dog ate the ink out of the one I made… goober pooch.)

or this:


and I have made several purses in different styles…

or even THESE:


okay… maybe not those last fancy things 🙂 although, how incredibly cool are they?!?

I totally love making stuff and being artistic and creative, but the only issue is that I kind of have mixed feeling about actually using my duct tape.

My tape was a gift and because it was a gift I feel like using it is ruining the gift!  Currently of the 12 rolls of duct tape, 4 were used to make the stuff above, and 8 of them are stacked in a marvelous pyramid on my desk.  It makes me happy just to look at them.

So on my way back home from New York (I was at Book Expo America by the way… oh my GOSH, everyone there totally LOVES books!) I gleefully counted the galley copies I had been given to review; I had a total of 48.

As the trip started out however I hungrily began one novel and then devoured the second…..

And then it hit me…

I had only 46 books left to last me the summer!!!!



(By the way when aggravated I tend to make exasperated noises, “merrrrr”, is one of these peculiar expressions.)

So, here’s what I have decided…

Instead of simply piling these wonderful works of art into a pyramid on my desk, I am going to share them with you.  Through this blog, for sure… but also, maybe in a giveaway or two (or three or four… cuz a gal only has SO MUCH space on her bookshelves).

And in the meantime?  Well… maybe I’ll make a Book Expo pyramid later 😉

In conclusion… Well…. Does one ever REALLY conclude a blog? I don’t know…… so well….. Let’s just say…

To be continued……

Izzy :Z

One thought on “Post: the FIRST

  1. I will totally read the back of a cereal box or a shampoo bottle for that matter if I have to. Hilarious. Feel you on the duct tape, here’s to wishing you a never-ending supply. 😉

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